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Latch Baby: Illustrated Guide to Breastfeeding Success

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"An absolute essential add-on to any gift for a new mother. This saved me!" - Karla

LATCH BABY is a paperback guide that includes over 90 FULL COLOR images!

Practical, Concise, Nonjudgmental Guidance for learning to breastfeed. 

As featured in our Breastfeeding Support Box. 

Breastfeeding is the normal and natural way to feed human babies. New moms who want and plan to breastfeed are often surprised to learn that the natural way to feed their babies doesn’t always feel so natural. You may be reading this book as a pregnant mom, committed to giving breastfeeding a try, but feeling nervous and unsure about whether you will be successful. Or you may have given birth already and are seeking information because breastfeeding isn’t going as smoothly as you had hoped. Perhaps a friend happily breastfed her baby till he was four years old, but another friend was in so much pain that she quit after the first week. Or maybe your sister wanted to breastfeed her baby but wasn’t able to make enough milk. All of these are very legitimate concerns! Good for you for seeking out resources like this book to help support you right from the start.

Latch Baby beautifully illustrates everything you ever wanted to know about breastfeeding. Its concise, practical and non-judgmental tone is just what busy pregnant and new moms need to get their questions answered quickly and honestly. Perfect for a baby shower or new mom gift!


  • Chapter 1: Before Baby Arrives
  • Chapter 2: Breastfeeding After Baby Arrives
  • Chapter 3: Positioning and Latch
  • Chapter 4: When and How Often to Feed Baby
  • Chapter 5: Life with a Newborn
  • Chapter 6: Common Challenges
  • Chapter 7: Uncommon Problems
  • Chapter 8: Mom’s Diet and Milk Supply
  • Chapter 9: Pumping and Bottle Feeding
  • Chapter 10: Returning to Work
  • Chapter 11: Introducing Solid Food and Weaning


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