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Who we are: At Mombox we're on a mission to make it easier to care for new moms. What started as a way to get quality labor and delivery recovery products to new moms, has evolved into a marketplace designed to make it effortless for loved ones and friends to take better care of the new mothers in their lives. Mombox makes it easier than ever to curate beautiful and personalized gift boxes that center the needs of the mother.

Why we exist: We exist for the gift giver who is looking for a unique and beautiful way to tell a new mom she too, in addition to the new baby, is being thought of and looked after. Our round-up of must-have products, in-depth research, thoughtful notecards, and beautiful packaging make Mombox the go-to destination for new-mom gift giving.

More than a marketplace: On the surface Mombox makes it easier for new moms to feel pampered and supported. But Mombox is rooted in the science of matrescence (the physical, physiological, and emotional shift that occurs in mothers after the birth or introduction of a child). Everything we do is centered around this science. The products we curate are tied to topics that align with the traditional timeline of matrescence. In each Mombox we offer the latest information and research, in a bite-sized booklet that offers insight and language around what a new mom may be experiencing. This allows new moms to feel seen, heard, related to, and empowered to speak up to their own care provider if something feels off. 

We dream of a world where the nation's maternal mortality rate is no longer climbing, but rather falling -- where every new mother, regardless of region, race, or socioeconomic standing has equitable access to proper, ongoing, best-in-class, postnatal care and every time you send a a Mombox you're helping us get there. Stronger mothers means stronger communities, economies, and overall countries.  

After a fateful store run hours after giving birth, Kate Westervelt decides there’s a better way to get new moms the recovery items they need.

Mombox is born offering Recovery Kits with a curated selection of postnatal care products focused squarely on the mom!

For three years Mombox ships thousands of labor and delivery recovery kits across the US, connecting with a powerful community of mothers.

Mombox launches the world’s first postnatal subscription program to help new moms navigate the first year of motherhood.

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