The Sleep Box

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Let's talk about sleep! And we're not talking about baby's sleep - but rather Mom's sleep. Did you know that after months of waking every few hours, some moms develop postpartum sleep anxiety and other hindering habits that equate to a restless evening? 

Restful sleep is essential. So this month Mombox works to identify common, avoidable sleep disruptions and offers AMAZING products and practices that help Mom prioritize a full night's rest. 

✔️  Relaxing breathing practices we know and love
✔️  Bath and nighttime rituals sure to set Mom up for a restful night
✔️  Luxury items that encourage Mom to carve out time for her own well-being


  • Silk sleep mask
  • Remedy Bath Soak by KIP
  • Tulsi Cinnamon Tea by Agni
  • Restore My Sleep Adaptogen Mix by Peak and Valley
  • Magnesium Lotion Packets
  • Sleep Wellness Roller
  • Rae Sleep Supplements
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