The Brain Box

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The juggle is real. This month Mombox is tackling brain science. You've probablly heard the phrases: "Pregnancy brain," "Mommy brain," or “Momnesia,” but we're diving into the real reason why you can never seem to find your car keys. This kit is bursting at the seams with best-in-class cognitive improvement products, cutting-edge sciences, and good old fashion fan favorites that new moms swear by.

✔️  Learn about all of the cool ways the postpartum brain shifts
✔️  Explore products we swear by to help reduce cognitive noise 
✔️  Find those car keys with a special Mombox keychain combination


  • Peak & Valley Mini Frother
  • Nourish My Brain Blend
  • Notepad
  • Mombox Rosegold Pen
  • Oversized leather bangle keychain 
  • GoMacro Bar
  • Tile Mate with Blue Tooth
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