Luxury Bath Pillow by Grace & Stella

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Sinking into a steamy hot bath after returning home from the hospital is the perfect way to help any new mom relax, but leaning against that hard porcelain surface quickly gets uncomfortable and awkward. Get her this cushy, plush bath pillow and transform any porcelain tub into an at-home spa.

Using a bath pillow helps to maintain proper alignment of the neck and the back so that spinal pressure is minimized. This orthopedic two-panel design helps keep your head, shoulders, and neck supported during soaking — and it's designed to fit tubs of all shapes and sizes. It's just the right combination of firm and comfortable.Made from premium-quality vegan material, this bath pillow is exactly what any new mom needs to obtain that ultimate level of comfort for her bath time. This plush pillow is waterproof, has slip-proof suction, and is easy to stick on!
Approximately: 13 inches tall x 14 inches wide, and 4 inches thick
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