Brief Transitions Postpartum Panties (2-pack)

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Our black supportive women's mesh panties provide incontinence protection to women after birth. Postpartum mesh underwear is ideal to protect new moms during travel and other stressful tasks. Brief Transitions is a unique blend of soft, breathable, mesh fabric that we’ve carefully designed into short-term reusable women’s panties, specifically with comfort and healing in mind. This postpartum underwear can bring comfort to any new mom after giving birth.

Two pairs per pack. One size fits most. 
  • 94% Polyester, 6% Spandex
  • Our mesh underwear utilizes a fabric that is stretchy, light, airy and breathable. The best part – they don’t have an elastic waist band that puts pressure on your midsection or the incision line (should you have a C-section).
  • The size of your underwear after childbirth is very important. Brief Transitions are the perfect size for keeping large pads securely in place - not to mention the ice packs that are often used.
  • An essential item for your recovery at home; suitable for natural & cesarean births as well as surgical recovery.
  • If you are on the go and want underwear that you can dispose of after you finish using them (less to carry!) then these mesh underwear are for you!
  • Short term, reusable panty.
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