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The early days of motherhood can feel like a lot for any new mom. The Mombox Subscription is a perfect way to show your support and care for the well-being of any mother navigating the transition into motherhood.

This subscription bundle includes:

Month 1: The Welcome Box

This is your "Welcome to the Club": an overview of your Mombox Membership and top product picks from our buying team that help ensure Mom's carving out time for self-care before baby arrives.

Month 2: The Mood Box

The Mood Box is offers new moms an overview of common hormonal shifts that occur after giving birth and offers products to support self-care and peace. 

 Month 3: The Body Box

This Mombox features products designed to help moms navigate common postpartum body pains: tight shoulders, soar hips, wrist pain, and more.  

✔️ $59/month 
✔️ 6-10 Full-sized products (over $150 in retail value each month)

✔️ Free shipping
✔️ Boxes ship right away. 
✔️ Subscription will automatically cancel at the end of the three months

**Please note: this subscription option does not include labor and delivery recovery items. Please add a Mombox Mini to your cart, in addition to your subscription package, if you'd like to include labor and delivery recovery products.**


✔️ Best time to buy: As close to baby's due date as possible

✔️ Topics include: Welcome, Mood, and Body

✔️ Shipping: free




Only one subscription per order

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