Mombox Mini

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The Mombox Mini is perfect for any expecting mother -- the Mini offers the labor and delivery recovery essentials necessary for any new mom to rest, restore, and recover with top-notch products. She deserves only the best and this kit has just that. File this under, "Things I wish someone had told me about!" The Mombox Mini is a simple and easy way to tell any new mom she is loved and cared for too. 

✔️ Best-in-class products to support either vaginal or C-Section birth recovery


  • 600 ml peri-rinse bottle (perfect for c-section scar rinse as well)
  • Organic cotton maternity pads by Nyssa
  • One-size fits all mesh underwear by Brief Transition
  • Organic hemorrhoid cream by Motherlove
  • Therapeutic hot & cold pack for soar muscles
Only one subscription per order

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